/blog: home is where a song is

i'm moving. what does that mean for my music?

published on: 2022-09-27

after my final this weekend, i begin the arduous task of putting all of my shit in a box and transporting it across state lines to the place i’ll eventually call home. there’s some stuff that needs to get fixed in our new house, so we’re set to stay in the guest bedroom of my in-laws for a couple of months until that’s sorted out.

in between finding new health care providers, weighing day care options, and updating my zip code for nearly every financial thing connected to me, i’ve been fretting the most about something that, objectively is much less important than any of that stuff: where in the hell am i gonna make music while i’m at my in-laws?

it was pretty easy to figure out a setup in my apartment: have a boom arm with my mic attached to my desk, and my guitars mounted to a nearby wall if i ever get the urge to use a live instrument. singing as to not disturb the people around me was even hairier — mr. weeks used to work nights at his old spot, then switched to an early morning schedule at his new old job. after getting over the weirdness of singing my self-penned stuff in his presence, i agreed to no weird vocal shit so he can get his beauty sleep. so that means i should be able to perform in the presence of my in-laws, right?

yeah, no. my in-laws are usually in bed by 8pm and in general, are incredibly soft-spoken folks who value their peace and quiet. i toyed with the idea of moving my music equipment to mr. weeks’ warehouse office and just doing my tunes from there, but after seeing him use all of his inhuman upper-body strength to push open the compound gate, i knew that my wimpy ass wouldn’t have been able to wheel it open at 10:30 pm every thursday night.

i’ve been struggling to strategize how to best do music while staying at my in-laws, but i’ve got something in the works:

moving is incredibly stressful and emotional enough, so it’s always nice to know i have something comforting and familiar in my routine, and i can find a way to do it. if i’ve got my basics covered and a spot to create, i’ll always feel at home.